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Alabama lawmakers pass chemical castration bill for convicted child molesters

Under a bill recently passed by Alabama lawmakers, a court would order chemical castration for someone convicted of a sex crime against a child under the age of 13.State Rep. Steve Hurst introduced the bill. If signed by Gov. Kay Ivey, it would require that child sex offenders ages 21 and over be chemically castrated before leaving prison.

“They have marked this child for life and the punishment should fit the crime,” Hurst said, WIAT-TV reported, adding that he hopes it will make predators think twice.

According to the legislation, the Alabama Department of Public Health would give medication that reduces or blocks testosterone production.

State Rep. Juandalynn Givan said the proposed legislation is far-reaching.

“You have to deal with the mind of a predator,” she said. “You don’t worry about the physical body parts. You have to deal with makes them do what they do.”

Treatment would begin at least a month before the inmate is released from prison, with treatments continuing until a court decides, according to the bill.

State Rep. Allen Treadaway supported the bill.

“Any action that we can take against a child molester that would prevent them from ever committing this type of crime again, I support, including chemical castration,” he said. “I think this bill is one of those steps to ensure public safety.”

The parolee would pay for the medication and could face a felony for intentionally stopping the treatment.

Attorney Raymond Johnson said the bill will likely be challenged under the Eighth Amendment for potentially being cruel and unusual punishment, WIAT-TV reported.

Source: Alabama lawmakers pass chemical castration bill for convicted child molesters