APSO Arrest Several on Narcotics Charges

Deputy’s remain busy working to fight the illegal drug industry of Acadia Parish. “Agents are still seeing Methamphetamine and prescription drugs as the most prevalent drugs within our parish. Unfortunately, all areas of our parish are dealing with these issues. Agents opened hundreds of investigations last year and the numbers keep growing both in cases and arrests” stated Sheriff KP Gibson.

Recent arrests include:

Brandon Wise, 40, Mermentau: Distribution of Oxycodone

Stacy Monceaux, 51, Egan: Distribution of Suboxone

Philman Baker, 58, Crowley: Distribution of Methamphetamine

Troy Kibodeaux, 57, Crowley: Possession of Buprenorphine

Trinity Ganaway, 40, Crowley: Distribution of Suboxone

Kristen Durkee, 23, Rayne: Possession of Methamphetamine

Jamie Myers, 43, Morse: Possession of Diazepem

Jason Melancon, 20, Rayne: PWITD Methamphetamine, Possession of Ecstacy, Possession of Alprazolam

Justin Alfred, 20, Rayne: Felony Possession of Marijuana

Jeremy Boddye, 42, Crowley: Distribution of Methamphetamine, Possession of Methamphetamine