As Covid Cases Rise in Acadiana, Lafayette Officials Are Doing Compliance Checks on Businesses to Make Sure Everyone Is Following Rules

With rising instances of cases of COVID-19 in the past week, leaders of Lafayette Consolidated Government have had to react fast.

One of those ways is enforcing guidelines and even adding more to slow the spread.

Mayor President Josh Guillory has issued an emergency declaration to stop the spread here in Lafayette with more compliance checks making sure businesses are following the rules.

“I can say this with confidence we have definitely increased our compliance checks,” said Lafayette Mayor President Josh Guillory.

Mayor President Guillory says with cases on the rise here in Lafayette it’s important for everyone to do their part and follow rules, especially businesses.

“Do everything you can to not put your customers and your patrons in harms way,” said Mayor President Guillory. “Don’t be complacent.”

Just over the weekend fire and police officials did compliance checks on more than 80 businesses and found that three weren’t following the rules by not all employees wearing masks. This is something LCG is taking seriously.

“We don’t take a lean forward approached to shut people down, we take a lean forward approach to help them out,” said Mayor President Guillory. “To help them succeed. Then after we have these communications, we will enforce the law and it comes with a fine and jail time we’re prepared to enforce the law fully. Luckily we haven’t had to do that”

So far they have had to give out some citations, but health officials have seen businesses firsthand in Lafayette not wear masks.

“I go into businesses all the time and people aren’t wearing face masks,” said Dr. Tina Stefanski. “It is required, so businesses need to do their part and enforce requiring their employees to wear masks.”

Mayor president Guillory says with city, fire, police, and businesses working together we have a better fighting chance.

“I trust our businesses, I trust our community to again take a step back reevaluate the situation, and understand the seriousness of what we’re going through,” said Josh Guillory.

If you notice a business in violation, you can give a complaint to the State Fire Marshal’s Office.