Baby Matters

Baby Matters: Natural Birthing Option

The Natural Birth House has been open in Broussard for three years now and offers a different experience of delivering your baby. Kira Kana is a midwife at the birth house and explains what a midwife is, “A lot of things I want people to know about midwifery is just because your choosing a natural birth out of the hospital does not necessarily mean a painful birth or a less safe birth. We have equipment, medications and training. Also protocols are in place to protect for emergencies and how to handle them appropriately.”

The facility serves moms here in Acadiana, as well as Lake Charles and Houma to Alexandria. Kira says you do have to be low risk in order to deliver here, “They have to have a low risk pregnancy and expecting a head down, term baby. We don’t deliver premature babies. We don’t deliver known breech babies.” She explains that they do take many steps to make sure mom and baby are healthy enough for a natural birth, “We spend a lot of time during their pregnancy focusing on health by decreasing stress, increasing exercise, focusing on nutrition.” Nutrition counseling during pregnancy is a specialty at the birth house. “We recommend herbs and supplements to keep moms at their best state. When it comes time for the birth, we are doing the same lab work, ultrasounds and everything a physician does,” said Kira.

You also have scheduled appointments at The Natural Birth House just like you would with your doctor, but you have to see a midwife a little more,”We’re the only practitioner that does mom and baby postpartum. Our clients are more likely to have successful breastfeeding and less likely to have postpartum depression when they do have the appropriate support to follow up and make sure they receive their appropriate treatment,” said Kira.

Kira has delivered over 200 babies at this point in her career. She said there is a plan in place if there are complications, “If we have to transfer to the hospital, which does happen, I think my transfer rate is between 11 and 14 percent and over 60 percent of those are just first time moms who are exhausted. They just need an epidural. They have a long labor.”

The environment mothers will give birth in at the facility gives them a sense of being at home, “It’s just a really peaceful environment where there’s not people coming in and out. Instead of doing things to them, I will ask them questions like can I listen to your baby’s heart tones. You can get in whatever birthing position you want and labor outside of the bed. I run the diffuser where they have lavender in the room, the lights are dim, the room is nice and clean and they come in with their stuff in a room that they’ve been in their entire pregnancy and they’re back at home,” said Kira.