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Bears Deliver: School Lunch Continues at Gueydan During Pandemic

Gueydan, LA (KADN) — Powerlifting coach Brandy Broussard is lifting a weight heavier than any bench press. Feeding your family during CO-VID 19. any kid that comes to Gueydon high school receives free food.

“It reminds them to wash their hands and it provides them with a lunch and a breakfast a lunch for today and a breakfast for the following morning,” Broussard said.

The food is a bagged version of the normal school lunch. They handed out 175 meals today. Gratitude keeps them going.

“It is kind of some normalcy for the kids because alot of them pick it up and they say its just like what we get at school,” Broussard said. “One of our parents came through she said she hasn’t been working and the restaurants can only do to-go orders and she knows its important because she’ll be able to feed her three children.”

Coach Broussard’s powerlifting team had ten kids qualify for the state powerlifting state championship. This helps her get over that it was postponed because of the pandemic.

“At least we are seeing some of the kids in the school and making sure they are okay,” Broussard said. “Even if its just to drive through for lunch it gives them a break from being at home and inside.”

the gym is locked the weightroom upstairs is empty, but thanks to coach broussard the stomaches of the students here are full.