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Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

In this week’s Baby Matters, we learned more about a topic that can cause many people to cringe at the thought. We found out more about  placenta encapsulation and the benefits of it, “Placenta encapsulation is taking your placenta once you’ve birthed and we basically turn it into a little capsule,” said Tiffany Wyatt, MotherBirth Placenta Specialist.
Wyatt said MotherBirth is triple board certified in creating these capsules. She went on to explain that the pills basically put back those hormones in your body you lose after delivering your baby along with your placenta, “You deliver that hormone processing center. It takes your brain anywhere from about 8 weeks to catch on, that’s why you know you have postpartum emotions and brain because it’s like you’re missing this flood of hormones.” She said you start taking pills a few days after birth starting with around six capsules a day. A mother will take less as the days and weeks go by, “Our dosage suggestions take about 90 capsules and then you listen to your body and then you’re like I’m good, I’m good.” Wyatt said she took the pills after her second birth and the experience was night and day compared to her first baby, “We report increased milk supply, energy, helps with mood stabilization so post partum depression baby blues. There’s natural oxytocin in there so it helps to shrink your uterus back to a fist size so your postpartum bleeding is shortened.”
Parents will typically contact MotherBirth at least six weeks before their due date. Wyatt said they mail a placenta transport kit to mothers about a month before they’re due. “It comes with a series of bags. It’s a little soft ice chest. The hospitals love them,” said Wyatt. She said when you’re admitted to hospital you will have to let your nurse know you plan to keep your placenta, “They pack it up. They text us or call us and we come as soon as we can to pick it up. We take it back to our lab and we process it. It takes two to three days.” It’s a process turning a placenta into capsules and Wyatt explained all safety measures are taken starting with questions about your delivery, “If you tested positive or negative for beta strep it changes how we do the process because if you are positive we’ll make sure that we steam it at a particular temperature for a long enough time so that all that bacteria is gone.” After the placenta is dried and powdered, MotherBirth then delivers your pills to your home, “We talk about how to take them, what to look for and we talk about breastfeeding. We kind of just have a really good postpartum consultation. We also provide a great informational booklet.”
MotherBirth services expectant mothers from Acadiana to Lake Charles.
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