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Black Expo for Business, Music & Art at UL

LAFAYETTE – Exposing the community to locally owned black resources and business opportunities in the Lafayette area.

‘The Essentials: Black Expo for Business, Music & Art’

Held at the Student Union on UL’s campus, it’s designed for students and the community to see the vast amount of successful black businesses in the local area.

Lois “Queen” Diedjomahor, Co-Founder of Custom Naija LLC was thrilled to be part of the action Thursday night.

“We just wanted to spread our culture through love and herbs and to share awareness and give back to our people while also giving back to our Nigerian economy as well,” explains Queen. “We sell a plethora of things: skin care, arts, apparel – just a lot of things to make people feel good about themselves, feel good about their history, roots and their expectational blackness.”

Queen says it’s her second time participating in the black expo event… and loves sharing her story, thoughts and products with others.

The event’s organizer, Black Student Union says the mission of this event was created as an opportunity to display black success and talent.

For more information about the event: The Essentials: Black Expo for Business, Music & Art