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Black in Business: Kitchen on Klinton

It’s Black History Month, and here at News15 we’re focusing on how one black own business is paving the way for future generations.

News 15’s Rain Augustine spoke with owners of local restaurant, Kitchen on Klinton, on how overcoming struggle builds success.

The history of entrepreneurship in the black community is paved with many ups and downs. Co-owner of Kitchen on Klinton, Tre’jean Vinson says their story is no different.

“I’ve always wanted to work for myself because I don’t listen, says Vinson.” I’ve always had a good work ethic. I was never lazy, but I know if I had a good idea, I wanted to implement it.

Vinson admit that the early stages of business weren’t always easy.

“I’ve even had family members tell me I need to get a real job first.”

What started as a college side-hustle in 2016 has since turned into a business empire. The owners of K.O.K credit their recipe for success to those who came before them.

Co-owner Corey McCoy credits his father for his entrepreneurial spirit. “He taught me ambition and I took his recipes, and some of the things he does in the home kitchen and turned it into a business.”

McCoy feels that having his fathers support made the business what it is today.