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Body painter turns people into Mardi Gras masterpieces

All across Acadiana people are putting the finishing touches on ball and parade costumes.

It’s not out of the ordinary to see a little face painting during the Mardi Gras season, but what about the entire body.

“Every brush stroke means something.”

Instead of a piece of paper or canvas, artist Angela Roberts makes those brush stokes on a person. Her job gets a little more interesting during Mardi Gras season.

Roberts says, “I get to express our culture on the body. I have these Mardi Gras masks and I can use more glamorous looks.”

It’s not the glamour you may be thinking of, it’s the kind of glamour that make people stare. Model Jillian Brennan says, “People can’t believe what they’re seeing and then I see their face go from shock to excited and elated and then they’re running in to take pictures.”

Roberts believes her Mardi Gras body artwork isn’t just for stares. It enhances a costume.

Roberts says, “These pieces (in the head piece) came from Beads Galore. We just got it this morning and then she had this dress and we were thinking how can we combine these pieces to make this artwork. It’s something original, something that’s different, something that you don’t see out there you can’t go to the store and buy this face.”

She has clients come in before balls, parades and art gallery showcases for that very reason. She loves taking Mardi Gras to a whole new playing field. “It helps them embrace who they are and express themselves in a way that’s never been expressed before and Mardi Gras is about expressing yourself.”

It took Roberts 2.5 hours to finish Brennan’s entire look, including creating the head piece. To book Angela Roberts for body painting email her at or visit her website.