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Bowling Through COVID-19: Neil Gaspard

Lafayette, LA (KADN)— Neil Gaspard is the co-owner of Hardy’s Cleaners. Business is just starting to pick up after they were closed because of the pandemic, but after work is not the same. He’s a bowler and the bowling alleys here are still closed.

“It’s crazy you don’t know what to do with yourself,” Neil said. “I love the competitiveness of it and all the people man. the centers like Lafayette Lanes. they are great.”

Neil bowls in three leagues and averages a 208 score. He started bowling in 2009. He played basketball in high school but stopped after dealing with recurring shoulder injuries.

“I joined Knights of Columbus they were playing in a league and it went from there,” Neil said. “As you learn to bowl you start getting better at it and I got a lot more competitive.”

Neil’s best game was when he won the Baskin Robin bowling tournament six years ago in Baton Rouge but he hates to lose. His wife says it shows in his demeanor when he gets home.

“When I come home and don’t say nothing she knows I did bad,” Neal said chuckling. “She won’t even talk to me!”

Neil drinks coffee at work, but he can’t wait to get back to the bowling alleys when they reopen to drink beers with his bowling friends.