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Breastfeeding specialists host regional meeting

Breast feeding specialists from all over Southern Louisiana were in Lafayette Friday at Our Lady of Lourdes Women and Children’s Hospital. Together they’re brainstorming better ways to help mothers feed their newborns.

Kim Spinner is a lactate consultant at the hospital and says, “When you see these photos or you see it in television it looks so easy you just put the baby by the breast the baby goes on and we have tons of milk to feed.”

You can either take it from the experts or the mothers.

Sarah Jageneaux, new mother of two says, “I mean you have to pay attention to what you eat, drink, you have to drink plenty of fluids.”

Breastfeeding is easier said than done. That’s why twice a year The Gift, a program for Louisiana birthing facilities puts on regional collaborative meetings like this one.

Spinner says, “It’s an event that helps lactation consultants kind of brainstorm share our experiences what’s working for us, what challenges we’re facing in the hospital every day.”

Consultants from Baton Rouge, Thibodeaux, Houma, Lake Charles and Acadiana hospitals all under one roof picking each other’s brains and learning something new.

Jessica Evins is a nursing consultant for The Gift and leads the collaborative meetings. She says, “We just want to make sure the moms know positioning, how to get a good latch, how to tell if the baby is eating enough and where to go to get that help.”

Knowing the lactation consultant is up to date with techniques and resources makes for a better experience for mother and baby.

Jageneaux says, “Our lactation nurse yesterday was very friendly, she definitely helped. I think it’s definitely a good thing that they’re trying to expand their education as far as breastfeeding and how they can better help.”

Even if breastfeeding doesn’t work or that’s not what the mother wants to do, she can be reassured there are other options.

Evins says, “We support moms no matter what they’re decisions are no matter what they’re outcome is we prepare for the best we can and whatever happens we handle it.”

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