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Buckle Up With Bucka

Buckle Up With Bucka: Check Your Batteries

In today’s ‘Buckle up with Bucka,’ I want to make sure you’re safe getting in the car.
This time i’m taking you under the hood for a quick, 101 inspection.
The most aggravating thing is when you get in the car and or they turn the key and its click, click, click, says Charlie Dugas with Dave’s Care Care Center.
Your car runs on electricity and just like anything else, if its not charged or it’s over used, your car battery will die.
Charlie says there are a few reasons your battery may die, “first thing is leaving the lights on or door open things of that nature, that’s probably the most common people do it.”
Another is, it’s simply old!
Often times people however, mistake battery problems for something else. Charlie says “sometimes the electronics or the gauges will start to flicker the radio in and out, that can just be from a weak battery. Also if your doors don’t lock properly, you may have your answer.
Improper maintenance of a car battery can be damaging to your car.
Charlie says the “battery acid is very corrosive” and it can eat through the cable and plastic.
The average lifespan of a battery is only about 30 months, that’s 2 and a half years.
But be careful, Charlie warns, “a lot of batteries are rated 5 to 6 years but that doesn’t mean they’re actually going to last that long.” He suggests if your battery is older than 2 years old, have it checked every 6 months.