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Buckle up with Bucka: Don’t Leave Your Pets in the Car

We’re told not to leave our kids in the car on hot summer days. With summer temperatures here to stay, does that also apply to our four legged kids?
In today’s ‘Buckle up with Bucka,’ find out the dangers of leaving your pet in a hot summer car.
You have a game plan: you’ll prop the car windows down just a bit, quickly run inside, and you’ll be right back to your pet who you’ve left behind in the car. But Master Trooper Brooks David says “its just as dangerous for pets if not worse with all the fur and the hair that they have on them they heat up pretty quick.”
Even the short window of time can be detrimental for your pets health Dr Angie Sanders says animals, “don’t have the effective ways to cool themselves off like we can they don’t sweat they use their panting as their cooling mechanism.”
“Just because its only 80 degrees outside doesn’t mean its going to stay 80 degrees inside that vehicle,” Brooks says.
In fact Master Trooper Brooks David says, in just 30 minutes, those 80 degree temperatures outside can have your car feeling more like 100 degrees inside.