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Buckle Up With Bucka

Buckle Up With Bucka: Jumper Cables

We’ve gone over what a good battery looks like and what to look for if it’s a little on the used and older side. “If you know your battery is 6 months to a year old, you would assume the battery is still good,”  Charlie Dugas says, but if you left your lights on all night, you”will probably need to jump off.” Human error can drain your battery. Charlie Dugas our car guru, with Dave’s Car Care Center says people often have a hard time identifying a dead battery. Sometimes your lights still work, your radio goes on and your windows may roll down but Charlie says those take very little electricity, to power your car it takes a lot more energy.
So if you’re in a pickle and need to un-brine, here’s how it works. “You would jump a car from another car battery,” Charlie says.  To do this you’ll need to identify where your battery is. Your manual is your friend, you’ll be surprised to find out your battery may not be under the hood.
Leave the car running with the good battery, even before you hook up your cables. You’ll need to identify which is your positive post, which is your negative post. The positive post is labeled with a plus, and usually correlates with a red cable. The negative, goes with the black or brown cable and will hoop up to the minus symbol. Charlie says “always do my positive first, then negative.”  Apply this same logic, when hooking up the other end of the cables to the other car.