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Butte La Rose Pontoon Bridge to Open

The Butte La Rose Pontoon Bridge was closed 17 days ago in preparation for the Morganza Spillway’s opening. Even though the spillway’s opening was canceled indefinitely, the bridge is still closed. NEWS15 spoke with two Butte La Rose residents who are fed up with the closure of the Pontoon Bridge that spans Bayou Larose. “They should never have to close a bridge because of high water. I mean we live right there by the Atchafalya River; it can come up at any time” says Annette Blanchard.

Blanchard and Helen Boudreaux recall in 2011 having to evacuate their homes: “The water was higher than this when they made us leave. ‘Yeah'”.
The bridge’s closure is frustrating for residents and an inconvenience. “But they don’t do nothing. There’s nothing happening. This is a concern for us we’re old… we live here. What if we need an ambulance or something?” Says Boudreaux.
According to Google Maps, it’s 16.2 miles from the Henderson exit to the bridge when it’s closed, but when the bridge is open it’s only 7.4 miles. “We need the bridge. We need that bridge” says Boudreaux.

NEWS15 spoke with St. Martin Parish President Chester Cedars who confirmed the Butte La Rose Pontoon Bridge is opening Tuesday at noon.