Cajun Navy Organization Changes Name Following Arrest Of America’s Cajun Navy Founder

After the founder of America’s Cajun Navy was accused of theft another group under a similar name here in Louisiana is looking to make changes.

Cajun Navy 2016, now calls themselves Pinnacle Search and Rescue.

Their spokesman told me that the name change has been works for months but with the arrest of the founder of America’s Cajun Navy, they knew they had to make the change sooner rather than later.

“The doors was being closed on us from doing god’s work from what we are called to do.” said Ben Husser, spokesman for Pinnacle Search and Rescue.

Ever since 2016, Pinnacle Search and Rescue only sought out to rescue the helpless in times of natural disaster.

Husser says that became more difficult as time went on.

“Places that we’d left with hugs and smiles and kisses and open arms. We were being told that we weren’t welcome back there again. Not because of us, but because of the Cajun Navy name.”

Tom Bever, the founder of Cajun Navy Wikileaks, says some of these organizations have done questionable things.

“These people are going through a disaster. They’ve just lost everything, lost their homes, lost their house, lost their pets, some have even lost family member and these guys are coming and saying, take a picture on our boat and post it all over social media. A lot of people don’t want these memories out there public.” said Bever.

Husser felt it was necessary for their organization to set themselves apart.

“The Cajun Navy was a movement. It was a call for action. It was about neighbors helping and I think we’ve gotten away from that with the name.” said Husser.

Their new name was inspired their christian faith, and they decided to take the leap

“I think it was humbling decision to say as an organization to say, you know this god’s way of telling us that we need to step away from a name and put his name first in what we do.” said Husser

Pinnacle Search and Rescue also recently launched its drone division to help in their search and rescue missions during natural disasters.

According to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website shows at least six groups with variations on the name “Cajun Navy” registered with the state.

Pinnacle Search and Rescue says they are registered as a 501-c3.