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Campus Cupboard at UL-Lafayette

Dr. Margarita Perez, UL-Lafayette Dean of Students says the campus cupboard is, “really a community effort.” When UL first opened campus cupboard the goal was to help students when their bank accounts, and pantry shelves are low.

Dr. Perez continued, “it’s a way for us to help our students facing food insecurities on our campus. We know with the cost of education, and many of our students are working and trying to balance a lot of things, one of the issues we fine is that students sometimes go hungry.”

UL decided to step in and help all students says Dr. Perez, “anyone can show up. We know that sometimes food insecurities pop up. It might be unplanned, maybe an extra expense this week or this month that causes them to have to readjusts their budgets for food.”

Students don’t have to fill out any paperwork or wait in lines to be approved for assistance. They just show up and fill a grocery bag, no questions asked.
Dr. Perez says students are grateful and “are using the service to supplement them throughout the year, holidays and breaks, and the summer.”

Students who struggle all year round still have a place to go to grab some groceries.