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Carencro High student receives $40,000 Amazon scholarship

A Carencro High School senior and her parents received an unforgettable surprise during class Thursday morning.

Director of the high school’s academy of information technology, Claire Trouard says to her students, “I need a student to come and open our surprise, Ariel why don’t you come and open it for me.”
It seems like a simple walk to the front of the class, but it quickly becomes life changing.

Ariel Green opens an Amazon box and reads aloud, “Congratulations on being one of the first recipients of the Amazon future engineer scholarships.”

A $40,000 computer science scholarship and a summer internship at amazon. It’s the answer to many of Green’s prayers.  “I’ll be able to get through college and not have to worry about it.”

Neither will her parents. Opportunities like this are why chose Carencro over other schools. Ariel Green is three out of four siblings who will graduate from the academy program.

Green’s mother, Sherri Green says, “I’m very very proud of her she’s worked very hard.”

Her teachers are just as proud. Trouard tells Ariel Green, “You deserve this.”

Daniel Solieau, Green’s computer science teacher adds, “We’re really happy for you.”

Solieau also mentions, “I know I can’t wait for her to come back after her internship and come back and talk to my class and tell us what the industry is doing and relate to these kids kids and say I’ve gone through what you’re going through and this is what you have to look forward to.”

Even though Green is the only one at the academy who received this scholarship it sends a message to what all Carencro students can do.
“We’re kind of grouped together as the Carencro kids, they’re not going to do a whole lot and so you can’t not try just because of what school you go to you have to try.”

Green did get accepted to University of Louisiana Lafayette and plans on going there in the fall. Her $40,000 scholarship will be divided over four years. Her Amazon internship will be during the summer of 2020.

Carencro High School’s Academy of Information Technology is currently sponsored by Amazon and Edhesive in an effort to drive students toward computer engineering. That means the academy has a two-year sponsored curriculum which saves the school about $5,000 a year.