Church Point Police Chief Sets Rules for Mardi Gras 2020

Church Point- Courier De Mardi will be held on Sunday, February 23, 2020. Church Point Chief of Police, Dale Thibodeaux, posted the following rules for Mardi Gras goers to follow:

The following are the rules for our Courier De Mardi Gras in Church Point February 23 2020. Please respect the rules as they are for everyone’s safety and security. We want everyone to have a good time and fun but we are a Town of Law and Order. Please for visitors respect our Town as you do yours this is not the old saying come to Church Point do what you want Town anymore.

1. Any fights will be a mandatory arrest with a cash bond along with 24 hours in jail if you are Intoxicated, Beligerate or Resisting Officers this goes for everyone.

2. The Open Container law will be in effect on all Streets, and Town or State Right Of Way.

3. As per ordinance no one will be allowed any glass containers on any street, and Town or State right of way

4. Any one under the age of 18 found to have been drinking or in an intoxicated state will be arrested and parents will have to come pick them up at the Police Department and depending on the circumstances the parent may be also charged.

5. Anyone over 18 but under 21 will be charged per state law if caught consuming alcohol.

6. As per Town Ordinance UTV and Golf Carts will be allowed but will have to follow the rules of the ordinance. The driver must be a licensed adult over the age of 18. You may only have the number of occupants for which it was designed for and not overloaded. You are not allowed to be under the influence and operate these vehicles. Within 30 minutes after the finish of the Parade all horses and UTVs and Golf Carts will no longer be allowed on Main St which is a State Hwy.

7. Anyone Parking on side streets be aware if your vehicle is blocking any part of any road which obstructs traffic flow your vehicle will be immediately towed away.

8. There will be no Vehicles or Trailers parked on Main St from Lilly St to Plaqumine St on Sunday February 23 2020 from 12 am to 12 am on Monday February 24 2020. This is being done for safety during the parade and also to allow the Town Workers to clean the streets after the festivities.

9. There will be no Bar B Qing on any of the Town Property or State Right of Way must be done on private property.

10. Please bring a trash bag and clean your area and leave the trash bag and the Town Workers will pick it up.

11. No 4-Wheelers will be allowed on the street any caught will be picked up by a wrecker.

12. As per State Law no Firearms are allowed at or during any Parade and will be strictly enforced.

13. If there are Barricades at the location you are at then you are mandated to stay behind the Barricades.

14. After the Parade is over all trailers, floats must be off the roadway within 1 hour you will not be allowed to ride around town with the float or trailer or anything that is not properly registered for the roadway.

Remember you are drinking and having fun and that’s what Mardi Gras is for but lets have fun in a safe and orderly way. Remember these Officers had to give up time with their family and enjoying themselves to protect you so please show them the respect they deserve.

Chief Dale Thibodeaux