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Church Point Woman Nearly Hit by Stray Bullet While Asleep in Her Bed

CHURCH POINT – Sandra Jacobs was asleep last night when she heard gunshots being fired near her home, with one of the bullets hitting the bed she was sleeping in.

Says Jacobs, “I’ve been living here all my life, and you’re scared to sleep in your own house because you don’t know what’s gonna happen the next day.”

Hearing gunshots in her neighborhood is nothing new to Sandra Jacobs.

A bullet coming within a foot of hitting you mid sleep? That’s something no one can get used to.

“It’s sad,” says Church Point Police Chief Albert Veneble, “People don’t feel safe in their homes.”

Chief Veneble is now faced with solving another crime without the luxury of hard evidence.

“Unless someone sees it or he tells someone that he done it, it’s a very hard crime to solve,” explains the Chief of Police.

The bullet traveled through multiple layers of Sandra Jacobs’ house, first shattering a glass door, then flying through a wall another door, followed by a wall, then a plastic fan , before landing in her bed, narrowly missing her while she was sleeping in her room.

Though Jacobs is thankful to be alive, she says that she should have never been put in such a scary situation to begin with.

“I’m an innocent bystander. I’m innocent,” says Jacobs, “But why don’t you just go out there and get you a job? Do what you gotta do, get your life together.”

With little evidence to go off of, Church Point police now have to rely on people coming forward with information. Otherwise, this case will most likely go unsolved.