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Classic Toys Are Back At McDonald’s For Their 40th Anniversary For A Limited Time

“These toys span 40 years back from the creation of the toys up until now. It’s pretty neat and you know if you’re talking 40 years, you know that someone in their mid 40’s were probably playing with these toys when they first came out.” said Larry Miller, Owner, Operator of Miller Management.

Everybody had their favorite.

“The beanie babies! Everybody loved those.” said Haley Miller, Area Supervisor of Miller Management.

“The Furbies!” said one toy lover.

When McDonald’s announced they were bringing back 18 of their classic toys, people couldn’t believe it.

“I’m amazed with the feedback from the parents, who actually grew up with these toys. There definitely is more excitement from the parents and the older people than the kids. The parents are telling their kids look, I used to play with that when I was a kid.”said Larry.

“For me, it’s just bringing back so many memories of all the toys we use to play with with my brother and even my parents.” said Haley.

“I’m just excited because I’ve never got them before, they’re 20 years older than I am.” said another.

The cool thing about these toys are the bags they come in, you can’t see through them. So, when you reach in the box, you never know what toy you’re gonna get.