Cold Front #1 Moving in…Then a nice weekend, before the big change comes

Video Forecast

Tonight: Cloudy with scattered showers. Lo: 51.

Tomorrow: Overcast and breezy. Morning showers along the coast. Some breaks in the clouds late. Hi: 56.​
Saturday: A cold start, plenty of sunshine and cool. Hi: 63.​
A cold front is moving through Acadiana tonight with showers and plenty of clouds. The warm temps will soon be a thing of the past as cold, Canadian air rushes in behind the front tomorrow. We will go from 80 degrees for highs today to 50s for tomorrow, quite the drop. An even bigger reality check comes next week, but let’s talk about the weekend first.​
There will certainly be some cold mornings this weekend, but mild afternoons with plenty of sunshine will be the rule. Veterans Day will start off fantastic with 70s, but clouds will increase as the next cold front makes its way into Acadiana. This front will mean business. Simply put, the coldest air in a very long time will move into the region and we will see our first hard freeze, likely all the way down to the coast by Wednesday morning. The wind will really increase behind the front on Tuesday with gusts of more than 25 mph. The temperature will not get out of the 40s for a high and the low will drop into the mid to upper 20s. There will even be a wind chill component to this scenario before the wind calms down. The average first freeze for Lafayette is Nov. 15 so this is a little bit early, but not by much. Either way, multiple days of 40s for highs next week with lows in the 20s to 30s are expected. The good news is that at this time no frozen precip is expected for our area. ​

Jason Nappi
Chief Meteorologist