Cole’s Bayou Marsh Restoration Project Is Complete

The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority has announced the completion of the Cole’s Bayou Marsh Restoration Project in Vermilion Parish.

The project has created 400 acres of marsh and nine water control structures just south of Intracoastal City.

“It’s much easier and cheaper to protect what you already have rather than losing it completely and spending millions of dollars trying to restore that.” said Ralph Libersat of the Vermilion Parish Coastal Restoration Committee

Libersat says the area of Cole’s Bayou had been inundated with salt water, making it difficult for wildlife to survive south of Intracoastal City.

He believes the completion of the Cole’s Bayou Marsh reverses that.

“It gives the resources which is the crab, the shrimps, the ducks that don’t just stay in that area, gives them a resting place and be a much more functional marsh that can be enjoyed by everybody in Vermilion Parish.” said Libersat.

Kelly Richard who was consultant for the project says they used spoil from the Vermilion Bay to create the brand new marshes.

There is also nine additional water control structures

Having lived in Vermilion Parish his entire life, he is invested in protecting his home flooding.

“It breaks the tidal surge down to where if a five foot surge comes in only two feet is coming over to Intracoastal instead of the 5 foot. It helps delay that process and gives us a chance to drain once the winds turn back.” Richard explained.

Libersat said there is also additional to shoreline protection from the nearby freshwater bayou to maintain the integrity of the restoration project

“There isn’t one silver bullet that’s going to cure everything but collectively we can make these restoration projects work.” said Libersat.

Cole’s Bayou Marsh restoration costed 25 million dollars to complete.