Community Rallies In Support Of Iberia Parish Judge Lori Landry

A community is rallying in support of an Iberia Parish judge after the district attorney filed hundreds of motions to recuse her from criminal cases.

One of those motions against Judge Lori Landry was supposed to be heard this morning but it was postponed.

Landry supporters are sending a message to the Iberia Parish District Attorney’s Office that they believe is trying to take Judge Landry out.

“She is fair person. She is an honest person and as long as I’ve known Judge Landry. She has been a person of integrity.” said Robby Bethel.

“I’ve never heard of a judge being challenged unilaterally on every case. If she is bias, there is a process. Take her to the supreme court.” added State Rep. Terry Landry who is also Lori’s uncle.

The Iberia DA has filed a 27 page motion detailing why Judge Landry should be recused.

They accuse her of being biased against the DA’s office and took issue with her accusations that they were treating white and black defendants differently

According to the Iberia Parish Clerk of Court, this motion has been filed 348 times and counting.

“I’ve read it and half of it seemed to be so ludicrous. It’s just an attack on her integrity.” said Khadija Rashad.

“None of her rulings have come into question. None of here qualifications have come into question. All of this is based on hurt feelings and that she is bullying them. ” Landry said.

Supporters of Landry promise to fight for her every step of the way

“No matter your religion, no matter your gender. She’s there to pass fair judgement and sentence. She’s not there to be friends of the da’s office, no attorney. She’s there to render justice and that’s what we put here and elected her to do.” said Bethel

The first motion to recuse Judge Lori Landry will be heard Monday morning.

Judge Landry previously served as an assistant district attorney for 8 years in Iberia Parish.