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COVID-19, (Coronavirus) and Pets

STUDIO 15 – Dr. Marc Bordelon with Lafayette Veterinary Care Center talks about Coronavirus, (COVID-19) and pets.

According to Lafayette Veterinary Care Center: While we do share some illnesses with dogs and cats, there are many we do not share. As of now, there is no evidence to show that dogs and cats can become ill from COVID-19 or transmit it to humans. However, there are species specific coronavirus that can affect them.

Dogs can contract canine coronavirus, which humans do not get. Canine coronavirus usually causes mild gastrointestinal upset, typically in puppies. It’s spread dog to dog via stool, and it’s primarily an issue in puppies from crowded situations. 

Similarly, people cannot catch feline coronavirus, which is usually so benign that cat caretakers have no clue their kitten has it. This feline coronavirus, also spread via feces, is very common among kittens, especially where there are many kittens. In a small percentage of cats with the otherwise benign feline coronavirus, a mutation can transform the virus into a serious immune-mediated disease called feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), which also cannot be transmitted to humans.