Crawfish Season Starts Off Strong in Breaux Bridge

Floyd Foti has been running the fruit stand in Breaux Bridge for over 30 years.

He says he’s seen the times change with the norms of the season.

“But now, with all of the big demand in for crawfish, I actually start at my place November 1st and we actually sell more crawfish definitely from November 1st to August 1st”, said Fruit Stand owner Floyd Foti.

People like the Thibodeaux’s were excited to dive in on their spicy crawfish plates.

“What’s not to like about them”, said crawfish eater Peggy Thibodeaux. “I like the texture, the flavor and I like spicy.”

“It has the flavor very similar to lobster, but it has more flavor and more fat,” said Foti.

So I decided to give it a try, taking lessons on peeling from Mr. Foti himself and others helped to make sure I had the peeling technique down.

Foti says crawfish season is special in many ways.

“You just think ,as a family getting together, sitting down, praying before a meal,” said Foti. “The Cajuns do it, the Creoles do it, we all get together. It brings people together.”

So what do I think about crawfish?

I survived! I peeled and ate three pounds of crawfish all by myself and I have to say it was really delicious. I’m so excited to see what crawfish season has to offer as the season continues.