Crime In New Iberia Falls Sharply Following Return Of New Iberia Police Department.

The city of New Iberia has seen a steep decline in crime since the New Iberia Police Department returned last year.

“That’s unheard of in communities throughout the nation.” said Police Chief Todd D’Albor.

He pointed out at a town hall at the Sliman Theatre that there were only four homicides this year compared to 13 when the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office was patrolling the city in 2017

Mayor Freddie Decourt believes the turn around is a result of community policing.

“We can not do that alone through people coming together, talking to us, trusting us and we trusting them and respecting them.” said Mayor Decourt.

New Iberia has also seen 73 percent drop in major crimes like shootings, armed robberies and burglaries.

The chief also touted a 95 percent solve rate for these major crimes

“That’s a community taking pride in itself, and its a prideful moment for me. It’s a very prideful moment when we can stand before you and we can serve you everyday knowing that we are making a difference.” explained Chief D’Albor.

Mayor Decourt also announced that they are building their own dispatch center inside of city hall to respond to 911 calls even faster.

City officials also shared other accomplishments such as the opening of 38 new business since 2016, additional security to west end park and bringing back the skate park.