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Cross from burned St. Landry Parish church goes missing

A cross is now missing from one of the St. Landry Parish churches destroyed in arson attacks earlier this year.

Architect Stephen Juan Ortego says the cross was last seen at  Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.

“After all this congregation has gone through, and having just a few little memories to be able to put in the new church is really important,” says Ortego. “For this to go missing, it’s extremely disappointing.”

Mt. pleasant Baptist Church is one of three historically black churches that were the target of arson attacks earlier this year. Congregation member Virgie Espre feels the alleged thieves violated holy ground.

“I think that’s so wrong you know to go on God’s land, which all of it is his land, and take something that don’t belong to them,” says Espre.  “It belongs to Mt. Pleasant, and they should’ve left it there.”

If you have any information about the missing cross you may contact St. Landry Parish authorities.