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Crowley Police Chief Asking For Community To Take A Stand Against Violence

Crowley police are calling for action after a drive-by shooting left a child in serious but stable condition, she was victim of a stray bullet from a drive by shooting. Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard says after investigating the incident, it appears to have been a retaliation from groups of people trying to establish themselves as “gangs”.

“Now you’ve involved an innocent, juvenile child in something she had nothing to do with.” said Crowley Police Chief, Jimmy Broussard, “When shes sitting there crying to her daddy, which her daddy told me that night, she’s crying to her daddy, ‘Why did they do this to me? Daddy why did they do this to me?’ That should make us angry.”

A stray bullet from groups of people who Police Chief Jimmy Broussard says have lost all respect for people and life.

“I wont say in the classic definition of gangs, but we have groups of people who are trying to establish themselves in some type of formation.” said Chief Broussard.

Becasue of their actions, innocent lives are being hurt.

“This little girl got shot accidentally. Are her parents upset? Absolutely. Am I angry? Most definitely.” said Broussard, “It’s time for us as a community, not as a police department only, but as a community to come together to tell them we are tired of it. It’s got to stop either leave or change.”

Broussard believes part of the problem is on the parents of children involved in criminal behavior.

“We’ve lost the tough love. I’ve seen a few people who say I’ll turn them in myself if it’s my child and I applaud those people.” said Broussard, “But there’s so many more who are saying oh my child’s not doing that when they already know they are doing it.”

Broussard says he knows his community backs the blue, but it’s time for the community to take action and show their support.

“Now we are not asking people to be vigilantes. This is not the wild west.” said Broussard, “What we are asking is let’s formulate a plan that if you see it…you report it. If many of you see it, you report it. You don’t have to leave a name. Have credible evidence. Come to action, really support us. Start talking, start reporting, start taping and let them know.”

Broussard says in the age of technology and video doorbells and cameras on our homes, we can use it to our advantage to help stop crime within the community.

Broussard urges if you see something, say something by calling 337-789-TIPS (8477), it’ll make the difference in ending violence within the community.