Crowley Police Make Large Bust on Search Warrant

On Monday May 06th 2019 , Agents with Crowley Police Narcotic Division and S.W.A.T Team executed a search warrant on 1515 West 8th Street here in the City of Crowley. This search warrant comes  after a two week long investigation into suspected drug sells coming from this residence. Agents made entry into the residence and located 29 year old Darius Harrison of Crowley inside the residence. Agents searched the residence and located a large amount of various types of drugs , including over one pound of regular marijuana and several ounces of the high grade marijuana. Agents located a street value of about $1800.00 in marijuana alone. Agents located over $5,000.00 in cash that was hidden inside the residence that agents believe came from drug proceeds. Agents will file for these monies to be seized by the 15th Judicial District Court . There was also about 57 Ecstasy pills, 15 Alprazolam pills, 20 Tramadol pills all together with street value about of $ 600.00 dollars. In addition, there were 8 one pint bottles of Codeine that sells for about $200.00 per bottle and a plastic baggie containing a white powdery substance that agents believed to be cocaine. Agents placed Harrison under arrest for Pwit Dist. Marijuana, Ecstacy, Codeine, Tramadol, Alprazolam, Cocaine,  and he was also charged with monies derived and booked in to the Acadia Parish Jail Facility. Agents will also be issuing warrants for at least two more subjects that live in the residence.