Crowley Takes Initiative In Getting Rid Of Blighted Properties

The city of Crowley is taking steps to combat blight in its neighborhoods.

Last week, the Crowley Public Safety Committee identified several blighted properties to be condemned and now it will be moved to the full board of aldermen.

“We want to try to move forward on all of them.” said Crowley Mayor Tim Monceaux

The Board of Alderman is looking to demolish four properties that no one has lived in for years, which include 1816 May St., 314 E. 13th St., Lennie Johnson Rd., and 404 E. Clay St.

“We have budgeted some money for this coming year to be able to work on blight properties. We’re hoping that makes a difference.”

Mayor Tim Monceaux says while the owners have been cooperative with condemnation of the homes there is legal red tape involved.

“Of course, there are safety precautions that we have to make, whenever we do demolish these properties. You can’t get with in a certain distance, but we want to make sure that number one, it’s safe for our citizens for Crowley.” he explained.

He believes that removing these properties will make Crowley more attractive to outsiders.And also benefit those who already live in the city.

“We need to, to clean up our city, also for economic development for improvement of our city, to have people want to live here. We’re even looking to having somewhat of a retirement community and for our families to remain here. We’re looking for people to want to live here and we are looking for our beautiful city that we grown to and accustomed to.” said Mayor Monceaux.

The Crowley Board of Alderman will decide on the condemnation of the properties at their meeting tomorrow at 6pm.

The entire agenda can be found here.

Mayor Monceaux explains that if the board of aldermen decides to move forward with demolishing the properties, there is currently no timetable on when that will be done.