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Cyber Shut Down

After four school parishes were hacked and ransom never met, Louisiana state officials called for all public school systems to shut down their online networks. “Every school system in the state needs to check their system out and that’s an on-going process” says Louisiana Secretary of State, Kyle Ardoin.

Tuesday, many parishes in Acadiana called off scheduled events like orientation, shut off the phones and blocked all out-going and in-coming network communication. Chief Technology Officer for Iberia Parish School System, Dianne LeBlanc says, “we shut down internet access to our district and we are moving through the list of tasks and phases.”

While all school systems are going through their networks with fine combs, searching for any breaches or weaknesses, they’re finding none.
“It is a precautionary measure and at this time there is absolutely no indication that we have any cyber security event in our district.”

This cyber outbreak seems to be under control but Secretary of State Ardoin says this is just the beginning.