Daisy Lynn Landry died of overdose, body dumped in Welsh landfill

Update* According to the district attorney’s office, Daisy Lynn Landry overdosed on heroin two years ago, her body was then put in a sleeping bag, placed in a residential trash bin and dumped at a landfill in welsh Louisiana.

That’s what’s laid out in a factual basis statement signed this week by 23-year-old Malik Davis, the man who was set to stand trial in September on a second-degree murder charge.

The district attorney’s office says Landry’s family has signed off on these latest developments.

As a result, Davis has pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and faces 10 years behind bars. He told investigators that on May 23rd 2017 he and Landry were snorting Methamphetamine when she started behaving erratically, so a friend injected her with heroin to calm her down. She was later found lifeless in a bedroom at the Laguna Drive house Davis shared with Matthew Perez and Devan Dufour.

As a result of this new information deputies yesterday arrested Dufour and Perez, both 26, on obstruction of justice charges. According to the factual-basis statement signed this week by Davis, it was Dufour who injected Landry with the heroin.

News15 spoke this afternoon with Assistant District Attorney Danny Landry, who tells us the landfill in Welsh has been searched numerous times, but they’ve yet to recover Landry’s remains. She was 18 when she disappeared.

Davis’s statement also reveals that Daisy Lynn Landry’s body was in the Laguna Drive house for three days before they disposed of it.

In a press release this afternoon about the change in charges against Davia, the district attorney’s office stressed that people are immune from prosecution if they call first-responders about a drug overdose, even if they were doing drugs themselves.

Update* Additional arrests have been made in reference to the Daisy Lynn Landry homicide investigation. On Wednesday July 31, 2019, Detectives with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division arrested Matthew Perez (26) and Devan Dufour (26). These two individuals have been charged with Obstruction of Justice.

Based on the nature of the investigation, no additional details about these charges are available at this time.

Jacquelyn “Daisy Lynn” Landry was reported missing on Thursday, May 25, 2017. Shortly after her disappearance, investigators started investigating the case as a homicide. Several people have been arrested in connection with the case but only one, Malik Davis, is facing a 2nd degree murder charge in connection with the case.

Lafayette Man Accused Of Killing Daisy Lynn Landry To Stand Trial In May 2019