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Da’quan Bellard: Jumping Towards a Dream

Lafayette, LA (KADN) Da’Quan Bellard finished running track at LSU in 2019. But the Opleousas High School graduate actually says the pandemic gives him a chance to stay loose. The Olympics were pushed back until next summer so now he has time to tryout.

“I knew i was going to have more time to get ready because my ankle injury pushed everything back for me last year,” Da’Quan said. “I knew i was going to have more time to work on my ankle and I knew I was going to have more time just staying in shape.”

Da’Quan missed the first Olympic tryouts with that ankle injury. he ran away from track at first until his Opelousas high school coach found him scoring 23 points a game dunking on the basketball team.

” I acted like i didn’t want to do track my whole year,” Da’Quan said. “My sophomore year I went out there and did track and every year i won state. it just was like natural.”

His events are long jump and triple jump and he trains with his childhood friend at the apartment gym. but he was a novice at first. He accidentally wore the wrong shoes.

“When i first started track, I used to triple jump in long distance spikes. Everyone knows you an feel the impact every time. in your feet. My spikes were busting literally. I used to jump and won state in distance spikes.”

He’s starting off on the right foot now with a focused mindset, the door has reopened on his Olympic dreams and he’s ready to walk through it.