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Do political campaign ads work?

With Election Day this weekend, you may be seeing more political ads on TV and mailers in your mailbox. Some of them are positive but many of them can be pretty negative.

Political science professor Gabriela Vitela says those ads are vital in any campaign.

“They can’t go and knock on every door and reach every person in their district one by one,” said Vitela. “This is the best way they have to reach a large amount of people in a quick amount of time as they can.”

While watching TV or on social media you may see many political ads going against certain candidates. Do those negative ads make a difference?

According to Vitella they can dissuade people from voting last minute.

“It’s not going to make you go out and vote for somebody, but it might make you stay home if you don’t like the other guy enough after watching those ads,” said Vitella.

For many people the negative ads leave a negative feeling.

“I just think it’s a mild nuisance I turn off,” said Brett Smith, voter.

Voters say the main reason they dislike the negative ads is the lack of information.

“I would like to hear what they’re going do to make the state better rather than what the other guys doing to make it worse,” said Cort Madson, voter.

These ads aren’t likely going anywhere into this weekend and if there is a runoff they won’t be going away for the next few weeks.