Donation Based Business in Downtown Lafayette Adjusts to New Normal

Donation based nonprofits in our area have had to make changes due to COVID-19 restrictions, and are now adjusting to the new normal. One environmental non-profit in downtown Lafayette has been adjusting to the changes, as they prepare to open their doors. Creator and Founder of Deuxieme Vie Creative, Cindi Axtell says her goal is to stop polluting landfills, by collecting things you would normally throw away and turning them into art. She tells News 15 it’s been hard not being able to accept almost all donations like she one did.
“It’s been quite challenging. We’ve been putting stuff online but it’s just not the same,” said Cindi.
Like most businesses Cindi has shifted her business online since she closed her doors on March 18th, but now she open and only allowing one customer in at a time.
Axtel said, “Just having the 6-foot rule really is kind of hard because it’s a long narrow store. So even if you allow 2 to 3 people in, they may be able to stand 6-feet apart, but they can’t move around.”
Relying on one shopper appointments and online retail, has been almost as challenging as the turning away the very donations that keep her store open.
“People have been reaching out to us wanting to give us their donations, which of course we are ecstatic about, but we don’t have the space to take it right now,” said Cindi.
Cindi says she can’t take everything like she once did, so if you’re going to donate be mindful.
“Unless it’s art materials, craft supplies, any kind of tools that will fall into that category, we will take those things. We’re doing everything we can to come up with creative new ideas of how to help people through this tough time,” Cindi added.
Axtel is also asking all shoppers who schedule an appointment, to shop wear a mask, gloves will be provided. As an extra layer of caution Cindi says she is sanitizing all donations and leaving them sitting out for a few days before the hit the shelves. For more information about Deuxieme Vie Creative, you can visit their Facebook page.