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Don’t Get Hacked: Tips to protect your social media accounts

Nowadays with social media playing such a big role in our personal and even professional lives, one small hack can pack a huge punch. Falling victim to those hacks is easier than you may think.

According to a new survey by Webroot, most Americans neglect cyber security best practices. The three top riskiest states, Mississippi, Louisiana and California.

“Social media is absolutely imperative for a small business.”

For digital marketing company Klout 9, living and breathing social media is their job. They run about 35 different company’s social media accounts and have to stay on their toes.

Meg Hawley, education coordinator at Klout 9 says, “We make sure that we have a cell phone number and an email tied to every social media platform and it sends us an email if somebody suspicious tries to log on we’ll check in with our people.”

They also advise having more than one admin. Rader Solutions IT company agrees, but says no more than 2 if you don’t want to raise the stakes.

CEO Chris Rader says, “If everybody is an admin it’s that risk that that information could get stolen on a wireless network coffee shop and airplane hotel, someone could sweep those passwords.”

Whether you run a business or use social media for fun you still have to be vigilant.

That could mean not having the same password for everything, changing that password often and not taking online quizzes asking questions similar to your security questions.

Rader says, “What city are you from, what’s your father’s middle name, states you’ve traveled to because while you’ll find a list of 25, 50 questions that you think are cool and your friends can learn more about you there’s going to be one or two of those on the list that can be used against you if someone gets your information.”

Additional tips:

  • Claim all social media platforms even if you don’t plan to use them, that way no one else can create a fake page on that platform pretending to be you or your business.
  • Establish a consistent brand voice on social media for your business so if something does happen and different language is used it’s a red flag to followers.
  • Don’t post when your on vacation because it allows people to know you’re away from your business and home if they want to take something from you.
  • Consider multifactor authentication so when you log into a site you get an email or text with a temporary code. That way if someone does get your password they still won’t be able to get in your account.