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Downtown Police Presence

Downtown Lafayette is getting a heftier police presence. In July three patrol officers and two sergeants were placed in the entertainment district, and now they are getting a permanent location in the old city hall building.

The department isn’t calling their new office space a precinct, but they are committed to being seen downtown weekday and night in addition to the weekend festivities, offering higher protection as the area develops. Sergeant Dorian Brabham is one of the supervisors for the new Entertainment District Office and says, “a lot of people come into our great city to take part of the day time activities downtown as well as the night time downtown activities. We want both crowds to feel safe.”

Anita Begnaud the Chief Executive Officer for Downtown Development Authority expressed, “having the police located in the downtown development district area, able to be present, not just on weekend nights, is huge for quality of life.”

The entertainment district isn’t just seeing police on weekends during the night-life, but all week long explained Sgt. Branham, “they’ve dedicated three patrol officers and two sergeants that patrol the Jefferson Street corridor of the entertainment district.” Since the increase in police efforts, the department secured an office space in the old city hall that can be used as a work space.

Sgt. Brabham tells NEWS15, “we envision more community policing efforts in the downtown area so that people feel safe and comfortable coming and utilizing our city.”

As downtown develops, this is just another stepping stone Downtown Development Authority wanted to see fall into place, “it’s really a step forward as a place to live work and play.”

As of Thursday, Monday through Friday, and the weekends, day and night, downtown is already seeing more police on its streets.

Downtown Development Authority has been working with the Lafayette Police Department for years, and says it is excited to finally see this transition.