Dozens Skip Black Friday Sales to Paddle the Vermilion River

Dozens skipped the hustle and bustle of the Black Friday sales to paddle the Vermilion River.

For organizers of the Black Friday Paddle, this was all about getting families together and making memories.

“My children were in coming from out of town and I want something fun to do with them.” said Dixie Speyrer who is an avid paddler

It wasn’t hard to convince her daughter Lilian Gravouia

“The quietness of it because you are not in a boat with a motor. You can really enjoy what you are doing.” said Gravouia

John and Becky Williams, the owners of pack and paddle, organized this event.

“You see beautiful backyards. You see trees overhanging the river. You paddle underneath a lot of bridges and see the old Trappee’s factory with its water tower” said John.

“Vermilionville, the Hilton, the beautiful Pinhook bridge, you always see it from the road, but seeing it from the other perspective.” Becky added.

Younger paddlers like Elliot and Henry were in awe

“It was very beautiful. The water was very cold.” said Elliot.

“I think my favorite part was seeing the blue herring flying over my head.” added Henry.

Both Speyrer and Gravioua had no problem with missing the Black Friday sales

“Yes, definitely yes, definitely more fun.” said Speyrer

“Anything would be more fun than that.” laughed Gravouia.

The Black Friday Paddle is an annual event and for those who weren’t able to make it this year and are interested for next year are encouraged to check out the Pack and Paddle website around November to register.