Drive Through Farm Stores Grocery Store Is Keeping Busy Due to Covid-19 Concerns

Supplies have been flying off grocery store shelves as people stock up on items while others are just looking to get their normal groceries. Farm Stores in Scott is a unique small convenient store, bakery and grocery store drive-through is seeing more people than ever before due to the lack of people interaction and convenience.

The store has all types of goods from milk to eggs to orange juice and even milkshakes.

Robert Pressler, the owner of farm stores in Scott says milk, eggs, and bread have been flying off the shelves.

“It blows my mind that I can go through 60 dozen eggs and two or three days as a little store like I am
has a unique way of service,” said Pressler. “We’re going through over 100 gallons hole and 2% in the four days .”

Pressler says with the spread of Covid-19 they’re seeing more and more people drive up because of how they work.

“People are starting to understand that hey this is more serious than we originally anticipated and nothing against our grocery store partners they do a great thing too but I only have to interact with one or maybe two people here,” said Pressler. “I have a little bit more distance they have more options for putting my groceries in my car .”

Even though the store is getting a lot of customers they keep getting new orders in to try to help everyone out as much as possible. One of the things they are doing is choosing staple items that can last people a long time during this hard time.

The store is also taking extra measures for safety..

“All of our employees are wearing latex gloves and changing them throughout the day,” said Pressler. “We also like everyone else are utilizing Clorox wipes and we have a credit card machine that we can bring out to the car they put the card.”

JoAnn Judice is one of those who are finding this way very convenient.

“It makes it easier for elderly people and handicapped people you know,” said Judice.

She’s looked all over for items across the area and says in these times a little precaution can make a huge difference. 

“It’s like a ghost town now with all the restaurants you can’t go inside you know,” said Judice. “We have to take it serious you know.” 

This is a service Pressler is taking very seriously. 

“We’re just trying to give and serve our community in a way that cuts down on the transmission of this virus,” said Pressler. “This is a bigger picture,whether in my store the business is up or down.”

If you don’t want to go drive to the store there are other options. You can order your groceries or anything else from the store on Waitr or Uber Eats.