Drones shut down New Jersey airport

Normal operations have resumed at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey after two drones were spotted flying dangerously close to airplanes nearby Tuesday. NBC’s Jay Gray reports.

(NBC News) The Federal Aviation Administration, FBI and local authorities are searching for the pilot of a drone seen flying at over 3,000 feet in restricted airspace Tuesday, dangerously close to passenger jets over Newark, New Jersey.

The unauthorized operation forced a ground-stop at Newark’s Liberty Airport and delayed incoming flights.

The FAA generally prohibits drones from flying within five miles of airports.

“A larger format drone, 10 to 15 pounds, could do a significant amount of damage to an airplane, and if it were close to the ground, it could result in the loss of the airplane,” says NBC aviation analyst Captain John Cox.

The situation in New Jersey comes a month after drone sightings shutdown Gatwick Airport in London, grounding or diverting more than a thousand flights over three days.

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