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Duson Police Chief encourages resident to stay inside and off roadways

DUSON, LA- According to Duson Police Department faceboobk page, Chief Kip Judice said, “there are no evacuations or curfews in effect for our area but he issued the following recommendations to Duson residents:

Mobile homes are not the best place to ride out a tropical event, there are many dangers associated with these storms the predictors cannot pin point. Tornadoes continue to be a concern, high persistent winds increase throughout the day causing, downed trees, power lines and flying debris. All of these cause more concern for mobile home dwellers and so it is recommended if you and your family have an option to stay with family or friends in more sturdy housing this is the time to make the move. Weather conditions will deteriorate rapidly and moving items in 50 to 70 mile per hour winds are difficult.

While there is no curfew in effect for our area Duson Police are asking that resident travel be kept to necessary travel only. With the high winds which could cause debris, falling trees and downed electrical lines coupled with the rainfall and potential flash flooding travel will be dangerous to motorist and pedestrians alike. Sight seeing is not permitted during the blunt of storms this puts and additional strain on emergency resources.

Finally with respect to elderly relatives that you may have in Duson, know that Duson Police has visited our elderly and are keeping a list of those who wish to ride out the storm alone. We have obtained phone numbers for these residents as well as the person they want us to contact in case we may need to move them. Our plan is call these people 3 times during the day today to make sure they no additional needs or desire to move out. If so we would assist family members in transporting these elderly folks out.

The Duson PD has staffed up from 2 to 6 officers today as well as kept in close communication with Sheriff’s from Lafayette and Acadia Parishes for emergency planning updates.

Thank you to the many residents who have properly prepared for long 48 hours and know we are here for you.

God’s speed to all