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Eunice families displaced after complex fire

People living in a Eunice apartment complex safely escaped a fire over the weekend, but are now left with nothing.

Just a few days ago the apartment was the home of three families and one individual. Then Saturday at 3:15 a.m. it quickly became a fiery nightmare.

“I just grabbed my babies and we fell to the ground crying, crying watching our memories and our lives gone.”

It’s an image Lorie and her husband Anthony Richard can not get out of their heads. They woke up to their daughter banging on the door shouting there’s a fire. She lived in what used to be the unit behind them.

“We all came out we went to the front here and I started calling my grand-kids name and I said if you’re here holler and I called their names and they all answered,” says Lorie. “All we got out with was the clothes on our back, no shoes on, even my dentures burned in this fire.”

As they return days later, the loss is still hard to accept.

Anthony Richard says, “We still smell it on us all the time. The wife can’t sleep because we’re in another older building like this and she can’t sleep because she’s so scared it’s going to happen again it’s just horrible…we’ve lost everything we have to start over. We’re 60 years old and we have to start all over again.”

But the Richard’s are quickly seeing, they don’t have to do it alone.

Lorie works at the Raceway in Eunice and says her coworkers decided to pick-up her shifts to give her time off, but that’s not all. “My coworkers are wonderful, I love them to death. They’re doing everything they can to collect clothes and taking clothes in there and opening accounts for us. We’re not just coworkers we’re family.”

Even strangers are pitching in; calling asking what they can do to help.

Anthony says, “People around here are already like that but I never realized how much they gave and how fast it’s just unbelievable.”

If you want to help, the Raceway in Eunice is collecting food and clothing donations.

As for the fire investigation, the state fire marshal’s office says they’re still looking for where and how the fire started, but say at this time there is nothing suspicious.