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Evangeline Maid turns 100

Evangeline Maid Bread is celebrating a century of Acadiana baking.

The iconic brand started in Youngsville on August 19, 1919. One hundred years later and they produce 1.2 million pounds of product. That is a lot of bread, but without it some traditions wouldn’t be the same.

Farley Painter general manager of Flowers Baking Company, Evangeline Maid’s parent company, says Joseph Huval’s classic handmade bread is the foundation of this now century old Acadiana company. “He’s the one that started our baking in Acadiana tradition. The tradition of  homemade loaf of bread that is available to families to put on their tables to enjoy, to put in their lunch boxes, for hunters to bring to their hunting camp.”

The classic recipe is not the only thing that’s helped the company last this long.

Painter says, “It’s not just the science of baking but it’s also the craftsmen ship. Our people make it out their love, their heart, their soul, into a quality product that they enjoy and others to enjoy and Mr. Huval started the tradition and we’ve been carrying on through these years and that’s what we strive for.”

That little extra something is what inspires traditions across the region.

Pat’s Downtown owner Patrick Dupuis says they’ve used Evangeline Maid Bread since they opened more than 20 years ago.

“The best, I try to keep it local and their bread is soft and my poboys, everybody loves my poboys because of the soft bread. They’re just amazing we make our bread pudding with it we’ve pretty much been using it for forever people love it.”

Evangeline Maid believes recognition like that will get them to another 100 years.

Painter says “It’s a very humbling and pride experience to know we can help others to build upon tradition and recipes.”

To honor their 100 years of business, Evangeline Maid will unveil a mural on their building in the near future.