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Facing Blackface

Facing Blackface Part 4: “It’s just a new twist on an old bad idea”

In part four of our “Facing Blackface” series we continue our focus on The Edwards Twins. The twins are now losing a lot of money due to the criticism they’re facing for their performances of black entertainers.  “About 90 percent of people love it. We’ve never had anyone walk out because he does a black character. I think it’s that they’ve never seen they show so they don’t understand it,” said Eddie Edwards.

“I think what happens is you get a few people that basically yell loud and start a ruckus about a thing and people start to get scared and things go through the theatres minds like omg are they going to boycott us,” said Anthony Edwards. The twins said they’re losing thousands of dollars because theatres are now distancing themselves from them. “They are being extremely unfair because they had a contract and they’re breeched contract.”

That’s when the twins called Attorney Bruse Loyd. “There is no legal lawsuit. There’s no legal proceeding and none is anticipated. It appears to me after having worked for them for three to four months on this matter that this is just a matter of public opinion,” said Loyd. He believed the duo’s hearts are in the right place. “I believe it’s only good intentions of them trying to…they get joy out of bringing joy to their fans.”

Marc Morial is the President of the National Urban League and former of Mayor of New Orleans. Morial felt while The Edwards Twins may mean well, they just should no make themselves look like black entertainers, “They seem like talented artists who could pay tribute to Ray Charles or Lionel Ritchie by performing their acts and performing their music without the theatrical make-up. I don’t see how the theatrical make-up is necessary. It’s just a new twist on an old bad idea.” He said they need to understand why it is painful for many African-Americans today,”It’s offensive because of the history of the minstrel shows and the history of blackface were used to make fun of and mock and try to make audiences laugh at African-American culture, African-American language, African-American features, African-American elements of dialect.”


News15’s Jazmin Thibodeaux asked the twins if they intend to ever stop the now controversial performance and this was Anthony’s response, “We want to be respectful of everybody but the thing is if you have 98 percent of America saying we love what you do and only 2 percent says no, well what do you do.”

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