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Faulks Host Annual Football Camp

(Lafayette, LA) The Faulk’s hosted their annual camp at LCA for the community. “Kevin and I started this camp about 16 years ago, because when we were coming up there wasn’t any camps like this” said Trav Faulk, LCA current Director of football. “we host a free camp every year for kids who cant afford it and their parents are trying to do better”

For some parents, the camp means more than just football. “its very rewarding, only because of social media is the kids ‘thing’.” said Clarice Ziegler, a single parent who’s son has participated in the camp since he was illegible, “just to get a positive aspect from men, their out there telling the boys ‘ I was once you, if I can do it, so can you”

LCA will host camp for High Schoolers tomorrow from 9am-12pm