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FCC proposal encourages phone companies to block spam calls

The FCC reveals they’re working to stop unwanted phone calls. They propose letting phone carriers block spam calls by default.

Right now customers have to download an app or go to a website to make that happen.

The FCC plans to vote on the proposal in June. In the meantime, there are local resources you can use to avoid and report spam phone calls.

“It’s aggravating.”

Spam phone calls drive local, Art Trevino nuts. “It gets annoying so I get quite a few of them especially when you got two phones a work phone and a personal phone.”
He’s not the only one getting these calls, it’s happening all over the country.

David D’Aquin, Public affairs manager at Cox Communications says, “In the United States we get about 100 million calls per day to customers and on average home phone users are getting between 10 and 30 spam calls a day. That’s just insane.”

Sharane Gott, president and CEO at Better Business Bureau in Lafayette says, “There’s all kinds of scams there’s robo calls where you get these calls generated by a computer you’re not on any special list unless you keep answering the phone and then for crooks you’re on this special list of possible victims possible money.”

So how do you know if it’s a spam or the truth? Well the Better Business Bureau says let them leave a voicemail. If the information sounds familiar and you’re curious, they say call them back, but put them to the test. “Tell them to send the information to your house don’t tell them where you live if they know all this other stuff they should know where live too right? So then hang up, if they don’t send it don’t worry about it,” says Gott.

You can also count on free resources. Click here to see their Scam Tracker.

Gott says, “It’s a wonderful map you can drill down you can get way far drill down to Coteau, Tee-Mamou is in there if you look. So you can see what kind of scams are reported where and no matter what if you got a call or were victimized report it in there.” (BBB)

Cox Customers can click here to learn about Nomorobo.

D’Aquin says, “This Nomorerobo is able to kind of ID which calls are most likely be a scam call or spam call and block them from your system.”