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FDA Bans Fruit and Mint Flavored E-Cigarettes Cartridges

President Trump telling reporters on New Year’s Eve that certain e-cigarette flavors in prefilled cartridges will soon be pulled from the market. Today the FDA announcing they have officially banned some vaping products. The Food and Drug Administration has officially banned most fruit and mint flavored nicotine vaping products. The FDA says they have chosen to ban popular flavors like mango and mint because they are the most popular among teens. Hoping the ban will curve teen vaping use but one local vape shop owner says nothing good comes from a ban.
“Prohibition is a bad thing, or a banning of any products is a bad thing. Especially the product that’s been legal on the market for the past 13 years,” said owner of Troposphere Vapors Tim Champagne.​
The news of the FDA’s latest ban on vape products doesn’t sit well with local vape shop owner Tim Champagne.​
Tim told News 15, “…the vape industry is my livelihood and you know. I have about six adults that work in my shop we have employees so of course it affects us.”​
A new law just went into effect in December of 2019, that raises the legal age for smoking tobacco products to 21. While Tim says he agrees with the age restriction he said banning products will just add to consumer demand.​
“All we’re going to do by taking excess away or banning products is it’s going to cause a bigger black market,” said Tim.​
While the new ban does not include menthol and tobacco pods, Tim believes it’s only a matter of time.​
Tim said, “…with prohibitionist there are always going to push push for stronger stronger stronger bans.”​
“This action does to little to reverse the youth E-cigarettes epidemic,” said Matthew Meyers, President of the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.​
Matthew says the ban is deceiving. Adding the FDA isn’t doing enough to combat teen e-cigarette smoking.​
“This can’t even be described as a step in the right direction because it is going to create the illusion of fundamental change without creating it. We need to eliminate the flavors which I fuel this epidemic,” says Matthew.​
People on both sides of the aisle stand firm in their beliefs. While Matthew believes more should be done, Tim feels adults who have quit smoking thanks to fruity flavors should not be punished. ​
Tim adding, “…young people will always be curious. Curiosity will always be there, they always find a way to get their products no matter where you put them.”​
Tim believes pulling these flavors off the market will create a black market for flavored pods. Under the new rule that takes effect in 30 days, companies that do not stop the distribution of the sweeter flavors that appeal to kids will risk enforcement action from government agencies. The FDA is specifically banning cartridge-based nicotine pods like JULL, allowing vape shops like Tim’s to continue selling tank-based flavored nicotine liquids, which require users to manually fill their pods.​