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Find Out 4-Wheeler Protocol

One of the many things the South knows well, are their 4- Wheeler’s. In today’s Buckle up with Bucka I’ll go over where you can actually ride and operate these heavy duty machines.
Country music, seems to have a common theme, beer drinking, the girl, and who could forget the tractor or 4 wheeler!
It wasn’t until I got on one of these myself, I realized, I too could write a love song or in my case a story on these little 4 wheelin’ machines.

But there are some rules. According to Tommy Hollier, an ATV specialist, “you should never operate the machine if you are under 16 years old or if you don’t have a proper drivers license.”
The only distance you’re actually allowed to drive is 5 miles around my own property. Hollier says, “they’re not made for the road, they’re made for off road use only. Unless of course you are a farmer, but even then, these same rules apply.
Some 4 wheeler’s will come with seat belts. Like cars, you need to buckle up. They’re a lot of fun, but they can also be very dangerous with speeds reaching nearly 50 miles per hour.
Hollier says, “we’ve had people who’ve died on them, from flipping them and jumping you know, using it where its not supposed to be used.