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Five Things About Lafayette Traffic That Might Surprise You

There are a few things about Lafayette traffic that just might surprise you!

  1. Traffic engineers monitor traffic using a “peak hour” but Lafayette only has a “peak half hour” – the time for congestion is shorter than in most communities, everyone seems to be on the road at the same time.
  2. The time when traffic is the worst is Friday afternoon – UL get outs early, a lot of people work half days on Fridays, and everyone runs the roads at that time
  3. Buses seem like an old school type of transportation, but Lafayette City Transit is very technologically advanced with free wifi and its own bus tracker system – get real time updates on bus schedules and the location for each bus here:
  4. The Vermilion River is the cause of most of Lafayette’s traffic problems! The streets can’t connect, so all the traffic funnels to the few river crossings that we have built.
  5. The Government does NOT build most of the roads in Lafayette – private developers do! They then turn them over the city to maintain once the subdivisions are accepted.